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About Bali, The Island Of Paradise

Bali is one the smallest island but perhaps the most favorite and perfect destination among 13.677 islands in Indonesia . It is well known as the island of god, the island of deity, the island of thousand temples and many other names referred to Bali .

Bali is an island with in area 5.700 squares and population around 3, 5 million people is located between of Java and Lombok . 95% of the Balinese people are Hindu followers; the island is beautifully furnished by many meru shrines, statues, temple-gates and religious offerings.     

Bali is the island of paradise that offers you many kinds of beautiful things that you can't find it in the other places in the world, such as marvelous panorama like its volcano, temple, tranquil lake, rice terrace, art village, the unique and mystical Balinese dance, Balinese culture and its way of life.  

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